July 09, 2024

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Glass rods are displayed as a window treatment at the Museum of Glass and Jewelry in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czechia.

Glass rods are an essential material in the art of bead making. The process begins with selecting glass rods of various colors and sizes. 

Glass rods are used to produce pressed beads, fire polished beads, machine-cut beads, lamp-beads etc. Pressed beads are made by heating glass rods until pliable, then pressing them into molds to achieve specific shapes and patterns. Fire polished beads are created by melting the surface of pressed or cut glass beads to give them a smooth, shiny finish. Bicone and other machine-cut beads involve cutting the glass rods into precise shapes with facets that reflect light beautifully. Each method brings out different qualities in the glass, allowing beaders to choose the perfect type of bead for their projects.

In lamp-working, the artist uses a torch to melt the end of a glass rod, carefully manipulating the molten glass to form a bead. By rotating the rod and controlling the heat, glassworkers can create uniform, round beads or experiment with different shapes and textures. Tools such as mandrels are used to shape and size the beads, and additional glass rods can be applied to add intricate patterns and designs.

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