Progressive Trend Spring/Summer 2015 by Swarovski - Vivid Moments

Swarovski Progressive Trend called Vivid Moments is another trending style for this Spring/Summer season. Focusing on an exciting, eclectic blend between African and Asian cultures, the Progressive theme highlights the union of both."Colors are bright and festive with historical folkloric hues that are cultivated all over the world. These happy and simple colors will bring a blooming brightness to the season."(TUSS 15) “In an age of technical wizardry and mass production, designers are embracing traditional craft techniques to create unique hand-made objects. Using a color palette reminiscent of folk art, these objects are embedded with cultural values and storytelling.” (Viewpoint Issue 32, New Age Folk)

The theme reflects both a joyful celebration of the past, and the way forward. “Native visual arts and local textile patterns are simplified and adapted, merging into graphic stripes and chevrons to become part of a global cultural aesthetic.” (WGSN SS 15 Macro Trends) The importance of headwear, both in Asia and Africa, gives rise to a new accessories direction – the reinterpretation of the turban. Flat fabrics come alive with a focus on volume, texture, and tactility.

Florals remain firmly in focus: “Florals have been blooming well into the crises and will develop with colorful citations of all folklores in the world uniting in a global tendency ...” (TU SS15)

A broad spectrum of colors and shapes reflect a joyful celebration of life. Medium and large crystals highlight the eclectic look of the theme. Vibrant Fancy Stones and Pendants create attention-grabbing, culture-merging color palettes. Various geometric shapes enable the creation of unexpected patterns.

African/Asian patterns are mixed with more traditional, organic shapes to create structured pieces. Laser cutouts and multiple layering of the crystals in repetition are key to the realization of big bold jewelry. The crystals are rich in color and contrast with one another, encased into metal shapes that form three- dimensional patterns.

A strong focus on textiles in jewelry arises – using fabric makes pieces more affordable, easy to wear, and rich in ornamentation. Designs are inspired by hand- stitched, hand-printed textiles with one-of-a-kind patterns.

Mixed inspirations create a hybrid style for a new generation. After years of reduction and simplicity, we are once more excited by bold patterns and vibrant color mixes.

Spring/Summer 2015 - Sunset Rituals - Color Combinations

The second part of our trend articles is focusing on color combinations. Let's just summarize what we learned from Swarovski trend researches and put that in work.

Romantic trend is bringing us back to nature and ourselves. All earth colors from deep browns to lighter shades of brown to sandy gold tones are great as a base theme. 

Our color selection is created from Fire Polished Beads. Starting on the top with Crystal Apricot Medium, Topaz, Dark Topaz, Smoke Topaz, Jet Blue Iris, and Crystal Gold Bronze Full Coated on the bottom. 

Since we have our base colors now we can play and spice it up a bit. At first we will only stay in brown and orange shades.


The combination on the picture starts on the top with Crystal Gold Bronze, Crystal Senegal Lustre, Smoke Topaz, Crystal Apricot Medium, Topaz, and Isabelle in Fire Polished Beads. To light up brown theme we added golden tone of Senegal Luster (2nd from the top) and sandy color Isabelle (on the bottom). Thanks to that Topaz is looking lighter and brings in more orange sparkle. We mentioned last time that shapes are inspired by purely organic creations and irregularity and rough shapes are "IN". To support that we added irregular pendants (Tiger Eyes) and combined them with Crystal Black Pearls.  

Do you like brighter and bold designs? Let's add even more orange tones. We'll still use brown and golden shades as our base and will add different shades of orange. From the top we selected Brown Pearls followed by Fire Polished orange color Sun, Light Brown Pearl, Orangy Pearl, and Fire Polished Beads in Sunset color. As a highlight we used Swarovski Moons and Briolette pendants in Golden Shadow color. 

Do you like just a touch of color and color don't have to be bold? These golden shades can be just for you. From top to the bottom we selected Fire Polished Beads in Crystal Santander, Crystal Gold Bronze, Crystal Capri Gold, Crystal Apricot Medium, Crystal Champagne, and Crystal Velvet. Underneath we used Swarovski Pendants in Crystal Copper and Jet Black color.

We will move on from orange shades to show you different color combination within this trend.


It doesn't have to be orange to spice up your design. We are still using brown, golden, and sandy shades as our base theme but instead of orange we used rich blue color to light it up. We started with Fire Polished Beads in Jet AB2x, Metallic Carmen Blue, Dark Topaz, Smoked Topaz in 2 sizes, Crystal Senegal Luster, Isabelle, and Sapphire stones in settings for pendants.

We can also completely stay in dark shades and use black together with brown shades as seen on the last image. 

Creativity has no limits. Just enjoy it!




Romantic Trend for Spring/Summer 2015 by Swarovski - Sunset Rituals

We are moving to a second trend for this Spring/Summer. Romantic trend that is based on a focus of nature’s immense power that echoes increasingly in colors, design forms, and materials. Modern problems are leading us to reconnect with nature and with our sense of self. Romantic jewelry is inspired by lifestyle and beliefs, and also emotional values like talismans. Irregular and rough forms, and or raw materials found in nature are often used. 

The mood is set up to warm deep browns awaken by vibrant orange that evokes memories of summer sunsets over desert landscapes. All shades of brown from very deep shades through sandy gold tones could be used as a base theme. To spice it up orangy tones, dark blues or black are used. Also metallic gold tones and crystal pearls are adding sparkle to designs and perfectly fit the trend.

We will see small and large crystals blended together to create nature inspired compositions. Shapes are inspired by purely organic creations to embrace the “imperfect perfection”. Imperfections, irregularity, and rough forms create a unique natural look of designs.

Let us show you all what we talked about in pictures. And inspire your inner muse...


Spring/Summer 2015 - Faded Memories - Color Combinations

Let's just stop for a moment and show you possible color combinations for this trend from our inventory. Creativity doesn't have any limits. And we would love to think our blog inspires you and your creativity will take off. 

As we talked about in our last post. The mood is set up to tone-on-tone colors and opal hues that evoke childlike innocence. If you wish to create unique and more striking look add brighter shades to light up your design.

Opal colors are such a delight for eyes. The first picture shows (from the left) loose Fire Polished beads in Light Blue Opal, Lila Opal, and Light Rose Opal. Great addition to our stock are Givre Colors. They look like frost inside the bead. They are made of 2 different colors mixed together. From bottom up you can see Rosanine Opaque, Topaz Opal, Pink Givre, White Opal, Pink Alabaster and Hortensia in Fire Polished beads temporary strung on 16 inch strings.  

If you are not a fan of pink tones we will move on to different shades. Givre colors are great fit for this spring and summer season with intriguing look of barely there colors and frosted look.

From bottom up we see Crystal Violet Givre, Crystal Light Green Givre, Crystal Light Blue Givre, Crystal White Givre Fire Polished beads in 4mm size. Following by Crystal Light Blue, Crystal Grey in 6mm, and repeating with Crystal White Givre 4mm, Crystal Light Green 6mm, and finally Crystal Grey Givre in 4mm size.

As we talked about earlier you can light up our Opals with brighter colors shown on the image below. 

Clock wise: Light Blue Givre Fire Polished beads are combined with Dark Aqua Bicones. Lilac Pearls are brightend up with Light Rose Opal Bicones and combined with tone-on-tone Lilac Opal Bicones. Next group is created from Hortensia, Pink Alabaster, Pink White Givre Fire Polished beads and Fuchsia Bicones. Last but not least are Light Green Givres in 4 and 6mm and Green Turquoise Bicones.

We also mentioned in our last blog that combining and mixing different components like Crystals, Pearls, Fancy Stones, etc. is "very in". Try to include vintage pieces or copy or incorporate vintage shapes to your designs to evoke retro style. Next image combines all previously used colors and we added little twist with Swarovski Butterfly Flatback Stones, Chessboard Circle Flatback Stone, and Round Mint Alabaster beads. New colors on this picture are from the bottom Petrol Light Blue Pearls, Blue Zircon Fire Polished beads, Crystal Vitrail Medium Preciosa Flat Backs, Sky Blue Opal Bicones, Green Opal Bicones, and Crystal AB Preciosa Flatbacks.

Let's just go crazy and create beautiful pieces! Do it yourself!

Happy Beading! Crystals and BFF




Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2015 by Swarovski

We will reveal one by one four color trends for upcoming season. We’ll help you navigate through beautiful array of colors that surrounds us and make our lives more vivid, playful, and  fun. 

The first one we will talk about is Classic Trend called Faded Memories. Let us explain what is behind this trend. With the ongoing recession, the relentless drive of technology, and the overcrowding of our physical and mental space, we hold on to memories of better, more carefree times. That’s the reason why the trends for nostalgia and retro are still continuing strongly. There is also a strong direction toward vintage and old quality craftsmanship. 

The mood is set up to tone-on-tone colors and sophisticated opal hues that subtly light up the surface. Opaque hues, matt and powdery effects will delight with childlike innocence. We will see almost faded, barely there, and washed out shades mixed together with brighter shades to create a unique look. Look that’s for adults yet still playful and fun.

We’ll see jewelry designs where there are no rules for mixing crystals, acrylic, and pearls to create an exciting modern look. Crystals will be used with graphic simplicity to create large bandings of patterns in different linear formats. Traditional shapes will be modernized and redesigned to create a playful and effortless feel with a new twist resulting in bold statement.

Pictures speak better than words. Let us show you some for your inspiration. 


 According to SWAROVSKI Trend Researchers and other Trendsetters BLUE is "IN" for Spring/Summer 2013. This Progressive Trend seeks inspiration in brilliant night skies, flying planets, exploding galaxies, and millions of sparkling stars.

When combining colors look for DARKER BLUES and mix them with METALLIC COLORS that will reflect and shimmer like stars on the sky.