Czech MC Beads

For centuries, Bohemia, a part of the Czech Republic, has been known for its high quality glass and crystal. It was here where the art of crystal cutting was perfected. Machine Cut crystal beads are precisely cut and polished. Their durability and perfection of cut assure jewelry manufacturers that the crystal will not wear down or lose its brilliance. MC Beads can be used in jewelry production by stringing them or in the clothing industry by sewing them on. They are also ideal for hobby and craft enthusiasts.

We offer superior quality Czech Machine Cut (MC) beads. Please make your selection below.

Currently available styles in the Machine Cut section are  Bicones,  Rounds Spacers (squished bicones),  Bellatrix Rondelles,  Olives,  Pears  and other shapes...

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Crystal AB
Crystal Aurum Half
Crystal Labrador Half
Aqua Bohemica
Black Diamond
Capri Blue
Jet black
Light Rose