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Dear Friends,

Thank you for browsing through our new online catalog. To compliment our merchandise we have chosen a minimalist style and hope you will enjoy the responsive theme that will allow you to use our e-commerce site with your phone or tablet on the go. You can shop with confidence. Our secure ordering system is PCI compliant and we never share your personal data.

With over 20 years of industry experience we are ready to deliver quality European beads, pendants, flatbacks, hotfix, rhinestones, jewelry components and costume jewelry for a fair price. We shop online too and we expect our orders to be shipped as described, well packed and in a timely manner. It sounds simple, but that is exactly the ideology behind our business.

It goes without saying - we process all orders, large or small, with a respect to merchandise, accuracy, packaging and the customer. Thanks to you, we are expanding our inventory and continually improving our operations.  Our warehouse is set up to process orders at lightning speed and packages are delivered to the post office at least once or twice a day. Naturally, we can't guarantee the mail delivery, but most of our packages are delivered to your mailbox in 2-4 days.

We are a family based company and we truly believe that customers still want to buy from real people and enjoy a friendship built on quality, honesty and mutual respect... and a little bit of a human touch in today's cyber world does not hurt either...

We are in the process of uploading inventory to this catalog. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We will appreciate your input, comments or suggestions.

Thank you for stopping by,
All the best,
Katerina and Tomas / Crystals and Beads for Friends (Crystals and BFF)


Progressive Trend Spring/Summer 2015 by Swarovski - Vivid Moments

May 20, 2015

Swarovski Progressive Trend called Vivid Moments is another trending style for this Spring/Summer season. Focusing on an exciting, eclectic blend between African and Asian cultures, the Progressive theme highlights the union of both."Colors are bright and festive with historical folkloric hues that are cultivated all over the world. These happy and simple colors will bring a blooming brightness to the season."(TUSS 15) “In an age of technical wizardry and mass production, designers are embracing traditional craft techniques to create unique hand-made objects. Using a color palette reminiscent of folk art, these objects are embedded with cultural values and storytelling.” (Viewpoint Issue 32, New Age Folk) The theme reflects both a joyful celebration of the past, and the way forward. “Native visual arts and...

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Spring/Summer 2015 - Sunset Rituals - Color Combinations

May 07, 2015

The second part of our trend articles is focusing on color combinations. Let's just summarize what we learned from Swarovski trend researches and put that in work. Romantic trend is bringing us back to nature and ourselves. All earth colors from deep browns to lighter shades of brown to sandy gold tones are great as a base theme.  Our color selection is created from Fire Polished Beads. Starting on the top with Crystal Apricot Medium, Topaz, Dark Topaz, Smoke Topaz, Jet Blue Iris, and Crystal Gold Bronze Full Coated on the bottom.  Since we have our base colors now we can play and spice it up a bit. At first we will only stay in brown and orange shades.  ...

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Romantic Trend for Spring/Summer 2015 by Swarovski - Sunset Rituals

April 17, 2015

We are moving to a second trend for this Spring/Summer. Romantic trend that is based on a focus of nature’s immense power that echoes increasingly in colors, design forms, and materials. Modern problems are leading us to reconnect with nature and with our sense of self. Romantic jewelry is inspired by lifestyle and beliefs, and also emotional values like talismans. Irregular and rough forms, and or raw materials found in nature are often used.  The mood is set up to warm deep browns awaken by vibrant orange that evokes memories of summer sunsets over desert landscapes. All shades of brown from very deep shades through sandy gold tones could be used as a base theme. To spice it up orangy tones, dark...

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Spring/Summer 2015 - Faded Memories - Color Combinations

April 10, 2015

Let's just stop for a moment and show you possible color combinations for this trend from our inventory. Creativity doesn't have any limits. And we would love to think our blog inspires you and your creativity will take off.  As we talked about in our last post. The mood is set up to tone-on-tone colors and opal hues that evoke childlike innocence. If you wish to create unique and more striking look add brighter shades to light up your design. Opal colors are such a delight for eyes. The first picture shows (from the left) loose Fire Polished beads in Light Blue Opal, Lila Opal, and Light Rose Opal. Great addition to our stock are Givre Colors. They look like...

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