Swarovski Elements

Swarovski Crystals ~ Best crystals in the world!

Founder, Daniel Swarovski, was born in 1862 in Jiřetín pod Bukovou, small village near Jablonec nad Nisou in northern Bohemia (the Czech Republic). Young Daniel was trained as an art glass cutter in Gebrüder Feix company, which sent him to Vienna, Austria and Paris, France to gain some experience and technical knowledge of jewelry making. 
In 1886 he founded Eduard Weiss & Co with his father-in-law based in Janův Důl near Liberec, Czech Republic, but their business soon ended.
In 1892 Daniel Swarovski patented his first electric cutting machine and began production of advanced chatons. With the investor, his former French customer, Armand Kosmann then established a new D.Swarovski & Co. in 1895 (originally A.Kosmann, Daniel Swarovski & Co. and shortened to KS & Co.). In search of sufficient water propulsion Swarovski moved to Austrian town of Wattens. The Inn river was able to drive a generator needed for the production of so needed electricity. He started to use edelweiss flower in his logo. The company exports machine cut crystals and soon buys out rented factory and makes effort to became self sufficient in supply of raw glass materials, which was still imported from Jablonec. The company began experimenting with coatings of its crystals. The best known finish is Aurora Borealis (AB), an iridescent coating that produces a rainbow effect, which was introduced in collaboration with French fashion designer Christian Dior in 1956.
The number of employees has gradually increased to 25,000 and branches have been established in 40 countries. Swarovski has gradually developed into a multinational company with several divisions. A multimedia Crystal Museum was opened in Wattens in 1995.