May 20, 2015

Progressive Trend Spring/Summer 2015 by Swarovski - Vivid Moments

Swarovski Progressive Trend called Vivid Moments is another trending style for this Spring/Summer season. Focusing on an exciting, eclectic blend between African and Asian cultures, the Progressive theme highlights the union of both."Colors are bright and festive with historical folkloric hues that are cultivated all over the world. These happy and simple colors will bring a blooming brightness to the season."(TUSS 15) “In an age of technical wizardry and mass production, designers are embracing traditional craft techniques to create unique hand-made objects. Using a color palette reminiscent of folk art, these objects are embedded with cultural values and storytelling.” (Viewpoint Issue 32, New Age Folk)

The theme reflects both a joyful celebration of the past, and the way forward. “Native visual arts and local textile patterns are simplified and adapted, merging into graphic stripes and chevrons to become part of a global cultural aesthetic.” (WGSN SS 15 Macro Trends) The importance of headwear, both in Asia and Africa, gives rise to a new accessories direction – the reinterpretation of the turban. Flat fabrics come alive with a focus on volume, texture, and tactility.

Florals remain firmly in focus: “Florals have been blooming well into the crises and will develop with colorful citations of all folklores in the world uniting in a global tendency ...” (TU SS15)

A broad spectrum of colors and shapes reflect a joyful celebration of life. Medium and large crystals highlight the eclectic look of the theme. Vibrant Fancy Stones and Pendants create attention-grabbing, culture-merging color palettes. Various geometric shapes enable the creation of unexpected patterns.

African/Asian patterns are mixed with more traditional, organic shapes to create structured pieces. Laser cutouts and multiple layering of the crystals in repetition are key to the realization of big bold jewelry. The crystals are rich in color and contrast with one another, encased into metal shapes that form three- dimensional patterns.

A strong focus on textiles in jewelry arises – using fabric makes pieces more affordable, easy to wear, and rich in ornamentation. Designs are inspired by hand- stitched, hand-printed textiles with one-of-a-kind patterns.

Mixed inspirations create a hybrid style for a new generation. After years of reduction and simplicity, we are once more excited by bold patterns and vibrant color mixes.