April 17, 2015

Romantic Trend for Spring/Summer 2015 by Swarovski - Sunset Rituals

We are moving to a second trend for this Spring/Summer. Romantic trend that is based on a focus of nature’s immense power that echoes increasingly in colors, design forms, and materials. Modern problems are leading us to reconnect with nature and with our sense of self. Romantic jewelry is inspired by lifestyle and beliefs, and also emotional values like talismans. Irregular and rough forms, and or raw materials found in nature are often used. 

The mood is set up to warm deep browns awaken by vibrant orange that evokes memories of summer sunsets over desert landscapes. All shades of brown from very deep shades through sandy gold tones could be used as a base theme. To spice it up orangy tones, dark blues or black are used. Also metallic gold tones and crystal pearls are adding sparkle to designs and perfectly fit the trend.

We will see small and large crystals blended together to create nature inspired compositions. Shapes are inspired by purely organic creations to embrace the “imperfect perfection”. Imperfections, irregularity, and rough forms create a unique natural look of designs.

Let us show you all what we talked about in pictures. And inspire your inner muse...