April 10, 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 - Faded Memories - Color Combinations

Let's just stop for a moment and show you possible color combinations for this trend from our inventory. Creativity doesn't have any limits. And we would love to think our blog inspires you and your creativity will take off. 

As we talked about in our last post. The mood is set up to tone-on-tone colors and opal hues that evoke childlike innocence. If you wish to create unique and more striking look add brighter shades to light up your design.

Opal colors are such a delight for eyes. The first picture shows (from the left) loose Fire Polished beads in Light Blue Opal, Lila Opal, and Light Rose Opal. Great addition to our stock are Givre Colors. They look like frost inside the bead. They are made of 2 different colors mixed together. From bottom up you can see Rosanine Opaque, Topaz Opal, Pink Givre, White Opal, Pink Alabaster and Hortensia in Fire Polished beads temporary strung on 16 inch strings.  

If you are not a fan of pink tones we will move on to different shades. Givre colors are great fit for this spring and summer season with intriguing look of barely there colors and frosted look.

From bottom up we see Crystal Violet Givre, Crystal Light Green Givre, Crystal Light Blue Givre, Crystal White Givre Fire Polished beads in 4mm size. Following by Crystal Light Blue, Crystal Grey in 6mm, and repeating with Crystal White Givre 4mm, Crystal Light Green 6mm, and finally Crystal Grey Givre in 4mm size.

As we talked about earlier you can light up our Opals with brighter colors shown on the image below. 

Clock wise: Light Blue Givre Fire Polished beads are combined with Dark Aqua Bicones. Lilac Pearls are brightend up with Light Rose Opal Bicones and combined with tone-on-tone Lilac Opal Bicones. Next group is created from Hortensia, Pink Alabaster, Pink White Givre Fire Polished beads and Fuchsia Bicones. Last but not least are Light Green Givres in 4 and 6mm and Green Turquoise Bicones.

We also mentioned in our last blog that combining and mixing different components like Crystals, Pearls, Fancy Stones, etc. is "very in". Try to include vintage pieces or copy or incorporate vintage shapes to your designs to evoke retro style. Next image combines all previously used colors and we added little twist with Swarovski Butterfly Flatback Stones, Chessboard Circle Flatback Stone, and Round Mint Alabaster beads. New colors on this picture are from the bottom Petrol Light Blue Pearls, Blue Zircon Fire Polished beads, Crystal Vitrail Medium Preciosa Flat Backs, Sky Blue Opal Bicones, Green Opal Bicones, and Crystal AB Preciosa Flatbacks.

Let's just go crazy and create beautiful pieces! Do it yourself!

Happy Beading! Crystals and BFF