April 02, 2015

Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2015 by Swarovski

We will reveal one by one four color trends for upcoming season. We’ll help you navigate through beautiful array of colors that surrounds us and make our lives more vivid, playful, and  fun. 

The first one we will talk about is Classic Trend called Faded Memories. Let us explain what is behind this trend. With the ongoing recession, the relentless drive of technology, and the overcrowding of our physical and mental space, we hold on to memories of better, more carefree times. That’s the reason why the trends for nostalgia and retro are still continuing strongly. There is also a strong direction toward vintage and old quality craftsmanship. 

The mood is set up to tone-on-tone colors and sophisticated opal hues that subtly light up the surface. Opaque hues, matt and powdery effects will delight with childlike innocence. We will see almost faded, barely there, and washed out shades mixed together with brighter shades to create a unique look. Look that’s for adults yet still playful and fun.

We’ll see jewelry designs where there are no rules for mixing crystals, acrylic, and pearls to create an exciting modern look. Crystals will be used with graphic simplicity to create large bandings of patterns in different linear formats. Traditional shapes will be modernized and redesigned to create a playful and effortless feel with a new twist resulting in bold statement.

Pictures speak better than words. Let us show you some for your inspiration.